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  • Doctors remove 40 maggots from woman’s nose

    A 70 year old woman in India visited several doctors this week following a persistent nose bleed.

    The woman’s nose began to bleed on Tuesday and wouldn’t stop. Her family took her to two different hospitals but medics were unable to stem the bleeding and couldn’t determine the cause.

    Eventually the woman visited the Sion Hospital where doctors discovered that the bleeding was caused by dozens of maggots inside the woman’s nose eating her face from the inside out.

    The woman, from Bhiwandi explained that the day before the bleeding began a fly had buzzed up her nose. Initially her family didn’t believe her, but doctors confirmed that the fly had laid eggs up the nose and once hatched the maggots had begun devouring the moist flesh in there.

    “The fly laid eggs inside her nose. We removed more than 40 maggots from her nose on Friday. The worms had started feeding on her flesh, due to which the patient was bleeding and in pain. Now we have cleaned the wound and she will be fine if there is no further infection,” Dr Mustafa Kapadia, ENT surgeon at Sion Hospital told the Times of India.

    The woman’s son explained that his mother had told them about the fly, but they didn’t believe her.

    “But her bleeding never stopped. We got her to Sion Hospital and the doctors there told us that the fly had laid eggs in her nose. They have treated her and now she is fine,” he said.
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