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  • Tanzania — albino hunting update

    Two men are being held in the Sengerema district of Tanzania after 48 year old Jonas Maduka was brutally murdered by albino hunters, just hours after the country’s Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda warned that stern action would be taken against leaders who fail to protect albinos.

    Mr Maduka was approached at his home by a group of men requesting the whereabouts of Mr Maduka’s recently departed father-in-law’s house. The men told Mr Maduka that they wished to pay their respects to the deceased’s family, and he agreed to lead them to the house.

    But on the way to the house the men suddenly turned on Mr Maduka, grabbing him and hacking off his right leg with a machete. The attackers fled the scene with the leg, Mr Maduka was left to bleed to death.

    Prime Minister Pinda has declared war on the albino hunters, and in an effort to stop the trade in albino body parts he has revoked the licences of all the country’s witch doctors who use the body parts in their black magic fetishes.

    “These witch doctors are big liars. If they were genuine healers many diseases would have been reduced,” the Prime Minister said.

    Since 2007 there have been at least 40 albinos murdered in Tanzania and their limbs, skin and genitals hacked off to supply the witch doctors with material in which to make their magical potions.

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