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  1. Puppy Pool

    Really proud of Noddy tonight, after a shaky start he did very well in the pool.

    When we arrived he seemed really apprehensive about getting in the water again, he was being very nervous and was dead reluctant to get wet. But again, once he was in he swam as if he was half Rebecca Adlington, and he didn't require as much encouragement.

    Noddy goes down a couple of steps and then stands on the third step when he gets in the pool, with the therapist holding on to him. Then ...
  2. Puppy Pool

    Been back to the puppy pool tonight, which is why I'm running so late.

    It was an odd one, for the first time since going Noddy really dug his heels in and wouldn't get in the bloomin' pool. I mean, he went in but we had to practically carry him. The thing is, once he was in and swimming he seemed to enjoy it more than ever.

    No attempts to try and climb out, and his little nodule was nodulating at a tremendous speed powering him through the water. He did an extra lap this ...
  3. Puppy Pool

    Well Noddy had a really good swim today, he's getting right into it.

    This time we left that big daft blue collar off, apparently they're really about trying to keep water out of their ears which we're not too worried about. Well without the collar on he seemed to enjoy it a lot more, and he could swim better too.

    He did six laps of the pool as usual, but he went faster and had shorter rests. He's quite pooped-out now, when he first got out of the pool his legs were like ...
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