View Full Version : Need a bit of help with choosing a PC

27-04-2006, 08:55
I need to get a PC system that is fast enough to play games and also will be suitable for storing a lot of work on. It's for kid that'll be starting high school in September so basically, it'll have to be suitable for both school work and for to accommodate all the sorts of things that lads like to play with on a PC.

I've only really now got time to go down to PC world for one. I'll have to get it on Wednesday but I don't want to go down and have the salesmen ride roughshot over me.

I'm after some specs to ask for.

I also need to be able to share internet access between mine, which is in the back room, and his that'll be upstairs in his room. Do I just need to buy a router?


27-04-2006, 22:41
Thanks Mark.

That alien stuff looks cool and he might be serious about gaming but at those prices I'm not encouraging it! :shock:

(I'm already miffed that he'll be having a better one that me as it is).

I'll deffo get a wireless router though.

Gunboat Diplomat
29-04-2006, 11:51
Why don't you keep the nice shiney new one for yourself and maybe just upgrade your old one for the kid?

29-04-2006, 14:35
A few reasons really. It's for his Birthday pressie. I don't normally splash out on him like that but he's going to big school in September so he's going to 'need' one. He has no idea that he's getting one, all he's asked for is some snowboarding glasses :?

I can't give him mine and me have the nice new one 'cos that's the sort of trick my Dad used to do to me when I was a kid. :evil:

Gunboat Diplomat
29-04-2006, 14:48
Given youths obsession with having/wearing the `right stuff`:
Do computer brand names have `street cred` attached to them?
Would he die of shame if you bought a dell when `everybody` else has a (insert name here) machine?
It'd be awful if you bought one that had the wrong name on it. :shock: :P :mrgreen:
Just a thought.

29-04-2006, 15:09
haha. I know what you mean. I'd best check out what system has street cred. I just hope there isn't a chav equivalent or I'd be in big bother! :shock: