View Full Version : Speed Camera Nets 1,000,000

The Kaiser
18-04-2006, 19:08
Link (http://www.itv.com/news/index_1682993.html)

The Government have made over a million pounds in speeding fines from just this one speed camera!

Fantastic! I can barely believe people are still dumb enough to speed past these things. Maybe they should increase the fine to drive the message home.

18-04-2006, 19:11
Thank fuck you said that! I opened this expecting to see another rant about how ridiculous these fines are. Well if you didn't drive too fast, you wouldn't get fined. Simple really!!!

The Kaiser
18-04-2006, 19:15
I know, how can they expect sympathy?

I love the argument that speeding isn't the only aspect of dangerous driving. So, we should just ignore speeding too! :roll:

20-04-2006, 19:40
Sounds like a good idea, buy a speed camera and retire early.