View Full Version : Pentium dual core or AMD athlon 64X2?

14-10-2007, 14:04
What is the difference with these two chip sets and which is the best?

Are pentium D, pentium dual core and pentium duo all the same?

I'm getting confused with all the 'stuff', so need a bit of help. I'm getting my son his first computer and don't want to pay a fortune (with it being his first - there could be possible breakage :D). I also don't want to buy a 'lemon'. He'll just be using it for games, watching films and possibly the internet at first. Until he gets the hang of computers, I don't want to spend a fortune because I'll get him something better when I'm sure he isn't gonna break it.

Also, what brands should I be looking at?

14-10-2007, 14:34
here is a good website for you too look at PCSPECIALIST.CO.UK - Custom PCs, Custom Computers, Custom PC, Custom Built Computers, Gaming PC (http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/)

I would recommend this. When it comes to Pentium and AMD there is not really much difference. Personally I prefere AMD (generally cheaper than pentiums and more room for overlocking!) but that is just me. The machines on here are cheaper and a lot better than anything bought on the High street my girlfriend bought a comp she spent nearly 1000 and we picked the parts ourselves and made sure it was kick arse for gaming as well as her research work.

Its all a matter of preferance if though you are specifically looking for a gaming machine for him and it looks good too then you should try Alienware High-Performance Notebooks, PCs & Workstations (http://www.alienware.co.uk/main.aspx)

Hope this helps or may be able to give you some websites that will help in making any decisions. PC Specialist is good as you can find out what stuff means! Chip sets mother boards etc

14-10-2007, 15:40
Thanks Snapper - much appreciated. I'll have a proper look at those websites later to give me a better idea. I'm wanting a French operating system with an azerty keyboard though, so won't be able to order off a Uk website.

The French websites don't seem to give you much more then the address of the shop, so finding anything online is proving difficult.

14-10-2007, 16:20
You won't go wrong with either AMD or Intel's current offerings. Either the Core 2 duo or X2 64 are decent.

I wouldn't worry about the breaking it thing. PCs go wrong in the most responsible adults hands (and often their kids fix 'em!).

Get him something solid that will play nicely. I don't know the US market however, in the UK 500-600 would get a decent mid range gamer more or less.

I'm not a fan of the big box shifters myself, however they may save you a lot of time if you buy with the help of a computer expert (i.e a knowledgable friend). I've done this for folks myself.

Core duo 2 is top of the tree right now technically. If you go intel make sure it's a core 2 duo not just the core duo :-). Big speed difference.

My opinion (mildly out of date).

Core 2 duo/AMD X2
1gb ram
160gb - 250gb hard drive
Decent TFT screen
mid range graphics (Nvidia 7600/Ati X1800)
as a starting point. That would play most things though not all at top resolutions.

16-10-2007, 19:32
Intel chips are better for overclocking :)